With the local market brimming with all sorts of citrus, they quickly inspired me to make citrus brûlée …
Citrus Brulee_MD.jpg

Begin by cutting the end of each fruit so it won’t rock back and forth when caramelizing these with a culinary torch or in your baking sheet when you slip it into the broiler.

Cut in half, crosswise and remove seeds if any. Pat them dry and generously sprinkle the sugar over. Set the culinary torch into a medium flame and melt the sugar until it properly bubbles into dark amber. Garnish each one with sage leaves.

I just love the sound when cracking the thin crispy butterscotch candy with a spoon and scooping the juicy-tart segments. I personally like rubbing the sage around just enough to make it interesting.

Note: The broiler could get really hot. Watch closely, two minutes should do it.